EB Capital and Edson Queiroz will Invest BRL 2 Billion in Solar Energy


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EB Capital and Edson Queiroz will Invest BRL 2 Billion in Solar Energy

Directors EB Capital and Capital Capital, joined by entrepreneur Edson Queiroz Neto, are expected to invest $2 billion over the next three years in distributed Solar Energy. A fund managed by EB bought out half of E1 Energy, a company previously 100% owned by CoLibri, for an unspecified amount.

Leadership will continue to rest with CEO Alexandre Gomez, who came to the company after an E1 tie-up with GDSOLAR late last year. EB will have a seat on the board of directors. The move into distributed generation also marks EB’s debut in the field of sustainable infrastructure.

Pedro Parente, EB partner and former CEO of Petrobras, will be responsible for the investment. Pedro said the transaction “opens up a new vertical” in EB, which is also looking at other opportunities for the energy sector, such as biogas. E1’s goal is to achieve 300 MWP (Megawatts-PEP) and $350 million in revenue over the next three years.

To arrive at these values, the partners are discussing with the market to raise part of the $2 billion that will be invested by 2025. EB is also raising a new fund – at least $550 million – for this sustainable infrastructure activity. , but the director could not comment on the CVM rule. .

One of the details of this deal is that E1 assets were not considered for trading. Currently, the company has power plants totaling 94 MW and will continue to manage CoLibri. What happens to the new company with EB is 111 MWP in contracts, which have no factories yet.

According to Ceariroz Neto, Colibri was not interested in trading assets now, but did not close the door on a business in the future. Meanwhile, E1 is looking for land to install new factories, both in the Southeast, which concentrates the largest consumer market, and in the Northeast, which has the highest solar infection rates. .

The entrepreneur, who runs Colibri with his sister Patricia Lil Quirouz, sees great potential in the distributed generation sector, especially with the regulation of the sector with the legal framework for micro-aggregation and distributed mileage (Law 14.300) . “Anil is about to regulate the law, and there is already a sign of the rise of the free market, which will be one of the growth vectors for solar energy,” Queiroz told the Brazil Journal.

The businessman is the great-grandson of group founder Edson Queiroz, who received $12 billion last year and controls companies such as Minalba, Nacional Gas and Esmaltec, as well as the Ceará system Media Group Verdes Mares, which operates Globo as is.

EB Capital has $4 billion in assets under management and a stake in companies such as platform Alloha Fiber Optic, professional training platform Proz and wine retailer.


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